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Creative Design

We at SiGa Systems believe that a creative design is fundamental to web design. We start a web design process by starting with an idea and then build upon it.

Best in class UI/UX

We pay a great amount of attention to user interaction and user experience in our designs. We believe that UI should first of all be clear and efficient.

Expert Support

Apart from being clued-in to latest technology in their domain, our experts fully understand a customer’s difficulty when faced with even a minor problem.

Logo/Graphic Design

Having worked for numerous clients, our graphic designers fully understand what a logo means for brand and the corporate identity of the organization. A logo must convey a meaning as to what the brand stands for and also offer a hint on the function of the represented product or service. Our graphic designers have the requisite skills in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver; to name a few graphic technologies. But, it is their ability to create attractive yet meaningful and relevant designs that gives them an edge. They inevitably succeed in highlighting the brand’s USP. No wonder, our clients often rave about the quality of our graphic designs.

Logo/Graphic Design
Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

We have been offering web design web development services to a wide variety of clients from industry, as well as other institutions. Supported with excellent graphics, our web designs feature good functionality as well. Our CMS b a s e d platforms are very effective and user-friendly. For these open source platforms we can use PHP, which offers greater flexibility and scalability. Alternatively, we can use WordPress, which is a low cost option with a lot of plugins; or even Joomla. We make sure to complement our stunning graphics with written content that is relevant and effective. We follow contemporary web standards for accessibility and also incorporate best practices in our web service offering.

Website Redesign and Maintenance

Today's websites and portals have superior functionality and good UI and UX. They also have impressive layouts and support responsive design. But, there are a large number of old websites with unattractive designs and very limited functionality. They take time to load, are not responsive and use content that is not SEO friendly. With current search engine algorithms, the old websites have very little chance to achieve a good ranking in an organic search. This is where we come in. We can help with website redesign and can completely transform your website, with a responsive design compatible with most devices. We also offer maintenance which includes technical support and regular CMS updates.



We at SiGa Systems have been providing e-Commerce platform to clients in diverse domains that enable sales and other commercial transactions for multiple users at a time. E-commerce solutions range from simple shop fronts to complex web portals. For site owners, we provide excellent content management facility and good admin-side controls. Responsive web design is another feature that we specialize in. We use PHP Nuke for comparatively small businesses, while Magento and Shopify platforms are offered for larger businesses. The e-commerce platforms provide features such as catalogues, cart tracking, and multimode payments. We can provide customized plugins to improve functionality. Payment gateway integration can be incorporated based upon client’s requirement.

CMS Development

A content management system is an effective solution for users to manage content in the website. CMS based platforms also provide a lot of functionality. We can provide CMS solutions in line with customer requirements. While Magento or Shopify based CMS is one option, we can also provide or PHP based CMS, which has greater flexibility and scalability. We can provide improved functionality and a responsive design, compatible with most mobile devices.


Custom Software Development

We at SiGa Systems have frequently provided custom software to address clients’ specific business requirements, and to several others upon moving legacy systems to new platforms. Ours software design follows from client specs and our own research findings. Component design and integration are an important part of our development process. We have an elaborate quality assurance and testing regime. For most custom software projects, we carry out agile development which results in easy workflow. In this, important features are prioritized and functionality is tested by user at specified stages of development. After deploying the software in the client’s domain, we continue to support and provide maintenance.

Mobile Apps

We offer an impressive range of mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Good graphics and delightful UI/UX are hallmarks of our mobile apps. Our designs are robust and scalable. The form factor is optimized to fit most devices. Mobile apps are rich in features yet affordable. We have several clients to vouch for quality of our mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

Why You Should Choose SiGa Systems

A word of appreciation from our clients is what we crave for and we receive those in plenty, thanks to the quality of our services. That they come back to us for more work is a testimony that our clients walk the talk too. Following are the attributes that differentiate us:

Our UI/UX, along with responsive design, have been highlights of our services. An unforgettable user experience with excellent device compatibility is what differentiate us.
Our design layout and content both are SEO friendly . We provide original and relevant content which finds favor with most search engines and assures higher ranking in an organic search. We change our SEO techniques in line with changing algorithms of the search engine to continue offering SEO friendly web solutions.
This is the way we develop many projects and most custom software assignments. Easy workflow and user involvement at different stages of development are prime features of this development technique. This development process has benefitted several of our clients by effectively shrinking the project timelines.
High quality of our services result from our robust quality assurance, as also an elaborate test regime at different stages of development. Our graphic and web design skills, along with expertise in different open source platforms, helps us achieve the desired quality consistently.
On time delivery means a lot to us and it is our constant endeavor to not stretch beyond that no matter what. This results from our robust development process and our team’s ability to deliver extra in crunch situations. Minor change requests from the client are accepted without deviating from the delivery date.

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